Coloring book: Sophisticated

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The pictures in this challenging online coloring book pack a punch!
They provide relaxing employment for many hours.
This coloring book contains pictures in mandala style. Many small areas, which are painted, let the pictures become a firework of colors.
To be able to color accurately, it is recommended to zoom in very close.
Then to see the whole mandala picture at once, to see the composition of the colors and shapes, is a nice reward for all the effort that goes into each individual picture.


The operation of our coloring books is quite simple:
On the home page, select the image you want to color.
If you then also click on this icon
you switch to full screen mode – there you have even more space.

With this button

you can enlarge the image (to see details even more precisely and to be able to color them).

Use the arrow keys to the left or the arrow keys on the keyboard to quickly move the image to the desired position.

On the right side of the window you will find the color palette – just click on the desired color to select it.
With the arrows below you can choose between several palettes.

You can set the width of the pen to the left of the image.

At the top you can turn music on and off.

You can also find more detailed instructions on the Instructions page.

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